The Weeknd & Daft Punk: Starboy

So here we have a new thing by Daft Punk (and The Weeknd):

You may heard something about this guy and this french duo, a song named ‘Starboy’. Nowadays it’s the rule that artists sum efforts to another artists: the worldwide recession has left recording industry in a mess so creating new music it’s not enough for musicians anymore, but they need to collaborate with other musicians to duplicate social impact. This is the case.
I like Daft Punk so much (I could even be what people call ‘fan’) but honestly I never listened to The Weeknd. With this single it’s sure he gains reputation between the eldest listeners and the duo gains reputation between the youngest. It’s fair. And, in fact, this sentence proves I’m from the first group.



Nevermind, the tune worths one or two listens. Or more. I’ve heard some Daft Punk fans saying ‘Starboy is commercial, it’s not Daft Punk’. And they forget they’re talking about a band that has sold millions of copies worldwide. Sorry guys, Daft Punk are not underground anymore.


You can definitely feel that Daft Punk electronic vibe behind The Weeknd‘s dull voice, that’s why you should give ‘Starboy’ one or two listens. Or maybe I’m definitely too old.

But after all I like it.

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