News: Foo Fighters’ ‘Run’, Radiohead’s ‘I Promise’, Gregg Allman’s death

It's been a hard May to be a musician. First, Chris Cornell passed away two weeks ago. Last week Gregg Allman from the Allman Brothers died. Now, who wants to be a musician? Isn't it frightening? But don't worry, June is here with a lot of great music news!

Yes, June is a wonderful month: the school year ends, the Summer begins and half humankind (those who live in the Northern hemisphere) feels light, lightweight and lightly dressed. And great news are, for example, that Foo Fighters have released a new single: 'Run'. Here you can watch the video:

The video was directed by Dave Grohl himself, so expect to watch something funny. If you liked songs like 'The Pretender', this one sounds similar. Foo Fighters have also been on the news this week after last Sunday someone unplugged them while they were performing 'Everlong' on stage at Bottlerock Festival. It was again a funny moment.

More great news: it's the 20th anniversary of Radiohead's legendary 'OK Computer' and in three weeks the band is releasing a new album with a lot of rarities and unheard songs from the 'OK Computer' era. 'I Promise' is one of them. If you're a Radiohead fan and you need new stuff from them you'll enjoy it, I've listened to it and to me it's extremely dull and boring. But it's always good news that real bands keep pushing.

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