New ‘Black Hole Sun’ cover on Youtube

I've just uploaded my last cover to Youtube. I asked to all my people on social media what Soundgarden song should I cover as a tribute to Chris Cornell: they selected 'Black Hole Sun', of course. I spent the past three weeks creating, playing, rehearsing, recording, filming, editing... You know, for the moment I have to do it all alone, though I think I really can't. I try!
Here is the result. EnjoY:

So this is the last cover of the season. It's been hard to create all this videos this season, but I had so much fun and there will surely be new season in September. Check some of the other videos out if you haven't yet:

Prince's '1999' cover

Jamiroquai's 'Automaton' cover

'I'll Stick Around' jam

Enjoy your Summer (or Winter)!

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