7 things, thoughts and/or feelings about Jamiroquai’s new single ‘Automaton’

These weeks we have double party. First for Daft Punk's 'Homework' twentieth anniversary and now for Jamiroquai's new single 'Automaton', the first track they've released in six (not seven, as some people say) years. And BTW some people have pointed out common things to both bands: let's see what might and might never be.

Jay Kay's hat from 'Dynamite' era

1. Jay Kay's hat has been daftpunkized

In 'Automaton' video you can see Jay Kay (Jamiroquai's frontman) wearing a hat similar to the one he wore on 'Dynamite' or 'Rock Dust Light Star' (amerindian inspired) but transformed into some kind of robotic helmet made of colour lights and leds.

2. Is a hat with leds on it enough to daftpunkize the sound of a band?

Some media have said that Jamiroquai's sound is daftpunkized in this new single. Jay Kay's hat could be daftpunkized due to all the lights and colours, but if you say the music is Daft Punk-inspired, then you never listened to 'A Funk Odyssey' (2001), from the same year Daft Punk released 'Discovery'. In that record you can listen to electronic sounds similar to those in 'Automaton'. For example, the vocoders are almost the same. This question leads us directly to the next one...

3. ...Could we say that Daft Punk jamiroquaized in 2013?

If 'Automaton' gave us reasons to say that Jamiroquai are daftpunkized, we could say Daft Punk jamiroquaized in 'Random Access Memories' (2013). Just listen to those funky guitars and basses in tracks like 'Lose Yourself To Dance', 'Give Life Back To Music' or 'Get Lucky'. It's an absurd statement, like the one on the paragraph above. The main fact that leads to this confusion is there are lot more Daft Punk fans than Jamiroquai fans in the world.

4. Do you think it's seven years since Jamiroquai's last release? Then you forgot 'Smile'

After 'Rock Dust Light Star' (2010) came out and Jamiroquai were still touring​, they recorded a single, 'Smile' (2011), which was uploaded to Soundcloud for everybody to listen free. That was really the last stuff we got from them.

5. 'Automaton' is not at all the first time Jamiroquai show an electronic sound​.

We can refer again to 'A Funk Odyssey' or some tracks from the eclectic 'Dynamite' (2005): the rap part (when Jay Kay dances in the video) reminds clearly of 'Love Blind'. But you can also search through 'Synkronized' (1999): 'Destitute Illusions' and 'Supersonic' do sound electronic.

6. Wow! Is really Jay Kay dancing in the video?

There are a few seconds in the video that show Jay Kay dancing stunningly, like he never did (I think he might be Jay Kay's double, but wish he's not). If you don't like the video or the song, at least you'll enjoy these few seconds. Really awesome.

7. Last Jamiroquai's album, 'Rock Dust Light Star', had a lukewarm reception in 2010, so...

What could happen to this new album (coming out on March 31st)? In these years, with Bruno Mars bringing back the disco-funk sounds from the 80s and all those DJs putting Electronic Dance Music on the top of the charts, Jamiroquai's new single symbolise a breathtaking blend. It's always controversial when your band has the ability to attract Daft Punk fans and Red Hot Chili Peppers fans at the same time: some fans are still expecting Jamiroquai to do the same they did in 1993, pure smart Funk. 'Automaton', in spite of the disco-funk bassline from the chorus and some guitars, speaks on the contrary, but they still hope this single it's just a bait.

The vast majority approve this single and expect Jamiroquai's upcoming album to find the perfect balance between pure funk, pure power, pure dance, pure feelings and pure music. And BTW to become one of the best of 2017. We've just waited for a long time!

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