In Search Of Better Days

In Search Of Better Days (cover)

I’m talking about the last album from one of the greatest bands in the world, Incognito. After more than thirty years creating the most beautiful and groovy acid jazz, they keep pushing and releasing new music. Two years ago we could listen to a superb creation: ‘Amplified Soul’, even better than the awesome ‘Surreal’ they had released two years before.

Incognito Bans

Now we have this magical ‘In Search Of Better Days’. It’s soon to say whether it’s one of their best creations, but there are many signs. For example, the bass by Stuart Zender in two of the songs. Or Tomoyasu Hotei‘s guitar in another tune. Or Vula in ‘Better Days’, a tune that fits perfectly her stunning voice.

Incognito keep doing all this like always, with funny, jazzy, a bit complex and rhythmically powerful music. Listen to the first track, ‘Love Born In Flames’, and enjoy its pleasant video, we will talk again soon:

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