Daft Punk, Selena Gomez and façade

Daft Punk. The last post in this blog was about their new tune «Starboy», sung by The Weeknd. I wrote that I like this tune, but I feel the need to be more specific: it’s not the best thing I’ve listened to in my life, not even the best thing I’ve listened from Daft Punk, not even the best thing I’ve listened from the last things Daft Punk have done.

Anyway, I don’t like plastic so much; I mean, I never liked Warhol, but this time I want to talk about plastic, that is, more about skin and less about heart. Because in the music industry almost always the skin must be a reflection of the heart, so the wrapping of an artist matches exactly his or her heart.

You can criticise fans who love their idols just because their appereance, explaining that you just love music and only music. And that’s exactly what Daft Punk said one day: «We don’t believe in the star system. We want the focus to be on the music». So they hide their faces with this robotic outfit. Nothing to criticise here, they escape from being recognised and from the traditional image of most artists, who sell their own face and body like if this character was some human God subduing and enslaving their fans. But a fan is always a fan. There is no difference between Daft Punk millions of fans and Selena Gomez millions of fans: they absolutely love their idols.


So Daft Punk didn’t succeed in putting their music above everything else. Look at their outfit, isn’t it as much as attractive as Selena Gomez’s body? Aren’t most Daft Punk fans absolutely in love with the shine of their helmets? But the French duo succeeded in selling a non sexual image. Even worse, being a fan of Selena Gomez when you are male and over 30 is extremely weird, you are definitely a dirty old man: you can’t like Selena Gomez music because music industry sells Selena Gomez as a very young woman and not as a singer. But you can be a Daft Punk fan. If you are fifteen and female you can be a Daft Punk fan. If you are sixty and male, you can be a Daft Punk fan. Even if you are a five-hundred-year-old sexless martian you can be a Daft Punk fan.

Shape is everything in music industry. Apply this sentence to Daft Punk or Selena Gomez or whoever: it’s the same. Nevertheless don’t take it too seriously, just be conscious and keep enjoying and discovering music you like and love.

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