Best singer of all time Chris Cornell died last week

OK, this title may sound too exaggerated, but for me he was the greatest. Really.

He hung himself in his hotel room. His wife said first that he may have taken too much Ativan (lorazepam) pills. Then they discovered fresh track marks on his arm (maybe heroin, we'll have to wait some weeks, until toxicology tests are finished). And finally, last Friday he was laid to rest at private Los Angeles funeral. In fact, he was cremated.

End of story and end of one of the stories of my life. I've been reading all these news through the week and still can't believe it, I feel there will be a moment in which I will wake up and Chris Cornell is still alive and Soundgarden are playing somewhere in Spain and...

In my teenage years everybody was a grunge: even if you didn't like Nirvana you jumped to the beat of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Even if you never went out, you loved your Converse (you wore them also in bed). Even if you didn't like sneakers, you wore flannel shirts everyday. Even if you hated flannel, your jeans were ripped. I was also a grunge and loved to headbang to Nirvana's music, but that is just a sample. The fact is, when I discovered grunge, didn't know Kurt Cobain had commited suicide one year ago. Aberdeen was so far away from Spain.

Heroin was the Seattle drug. In 1994 Kurt Cobain shot himself in the head, but first he had injected a heroin overdose. In 2002, Layne Staley died after he had injected a speedball overdose (a dangerous mix of heroin and cocaine). And maybe Chris Cornell hung under the effects of heroin.

I have to say that still today Soundgarden's two first records sound too much dirty, heavy and reiterative for me, but almost every song from 'Badmotorfinger' to 'Down On The Upside' really amazes me. If you're trying to find out what grunge was musically, just analyze Soundgarden's music through the years: it represents where grunge came from (example: 'Hands All Over'), how it evolved (example: 'Outshined', 'Spoonman', 'Black Hole Sun') and how it faded away (just listen to 'Burden In My Hand' and you'll be hearing at the same time the last grunge and the first post-grunge song). Soundgarden really sumed up the sound, the brain, the heart and the soul of an entire generation. My generation. That's why with Chris Cornell's death a part of myself dies.

I'm still a grunge, that's why in the next weeks I'm going to pay tribute to Chris Cornell, playing a Soundgarden cover in my next video on Youtube. At first sight, Trabas Project may have nothing to do with grunge but, if you look deeper, you'll find some dirt that's grunge legacy more than Daft Punk's influence. Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Nirvana...

NETHERLANDS - FEBRUARY 14: Photo of PEARL JAM; 14-02-1992 Amsterdam, Pearl Jam (Photo by Paul Bergen/Redferns)

​They were what I lived in my childhood and defined how I grew up.

In a small town so far away from Seattle.

Goodbye, Chris Cornell, I'll miss you.

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